1. Ryan Laubham, a 19-year-old Munhall volunteer firefighter, faces multiple charges stemming from two fires he's accused of setting.
  2. A wild incident culminating in the arrest of a popular metal guitarist began with Hillsborough County firefighters fleeing his burning ammo-filled home.
  3. A legal brief as part of the police union’s lawsuit against the Houston Professional Fire Firefighters Association and the city called Proposition B unconstitutional.
  4. Owen Andrew, Middletown's newest probationary firefighter, is joining a department with a rich tradition of family members serving side-by-side.
  5. Watch fire and police vehicles escort the hearse carrying the body of Worcester firefighter Christopher Roy, who died fighting a structure fire.
  6. Seattle's fire department will likely be part of the backup plan if hundreds of unionized American Medical Response EMTs walk out Dec. 21.
  7. A judge has ruled in favor of the New Haven firefighters union in its dispute over disaffiliating from a state firefighters association in 2016.
  8. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue is using a federal grant to buy 149 single gas monitors to keep crews safe even when stationed outside a fire.
  9. Pueblo will spend $225,000 to outfit the firehouses with bathroom and shower facilities for female firefighters.
  10. Rapid City officials are considering writing off 2,676 unpaid ambulance bills worth more than $1.7 million that date as far back as 2006.