1. Longmont crews were responding to a blaze at a home supply store when they discovered the man allegedly setting more fires while inside the burning building.
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  3. A resident was treated at the scene for minor burns, and Nashau crews rescued a cat during a large house fire Sunday.
  4. Seneca Falls police said a Junius volunteer firefighter hit another vehicle while responding to a call, but his apparatus wasn't properly equipped at the time.
  5. Rome, GA, Fire Department has taken delivery of a 70-foot quint built by Sutphen Fire.
  6. As development hits California’s mountains and forests, wildfire crews not equipped with bulky protective gear are dealing with carcinogens common in urban blazes.
  7. Two people who were trapped inside the burning Washington Township home Sunday night also were injured and taken to the hospital.
  8. The Huntsville firefighter's head and hand were stuck under the apparatus following a rear-end crash that also trapped two other firefighters.
  9. The Kansas City gasoline tank explosion that killed six people, including five Missouri firefighters, led to safety improvements to better protect the public and future crews.
  10. Edwardsville officials are considering closing the fire department's Montclair station, as well as eliminating two firefighter/paramedic positions.