1. Senior firefighter Ashley Rosenbaum will be named captain in a ceremony Wednesday at Station 17 on Cole Road
  2. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday said the lawmaker committed to scheduling an August vote to renew the Sept. 11 Victim Compensation Fund before it expires next year
  3. Firefighter Michael Powers suffered from a medical emergency while responding to a call
  4. Turns out, there’s a simple and logical way to do traffic preemption without going broke
  5. Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel said that firefighters confronted a “chaotic” situation when they arrived with victims outside in the front and back of the building as well inside while a heavy fire raged on the first floor
  6. Near-Miss Report underscores the dangers of distracted or dangerous driving on all types of roadways
  7. Wes Hubbard, an Ames firefighter who helped to organize Story County Responders Care, said volunteers for the group have dwindled and there aren't enough funds coming in to help insure and fuel the vehicle.
  8. The convention during the winter of 1903-04 to unite the firefighters into one organization that would have a larger say in the State Firemen’s Association of Pennsylvania
  9. Port Jervis Fire Department Firefighter Nicholas McKeon was sleeping in front of the bay doors and was killed after being struck by an ambulance responding to a call
  10. How volunteer fire chiefs can effectively serve their communities and value their members