1. "This just goes to show the kind of person Clifford [Haney] was, that he’s still giving," said Lyle Lombard, director of public safety for the city of Fate
  2. Chris A. Taylor, a Potsdam volunteer firefighter and former chief, explained that paid drivers often arrive on scene before volunteer firefighters can
  3. The 10-year-old was hanging on to a structure at the Four Mile Dam when the first responders arrived
  4. Ray Boyd Kerns, who later confessed, was among the more than 20 Woodstock firefighters who responded, in addition to mutual aid crews
  5. Alejandro Mayorkas, who oversees FEMA and the USFA, will speak during Wednesday's general session
  6. Seeking closure nearly two decades after I believe an EMS provider sought to steal from my family as I worked to save my dad’s life
  7. San Antonio firefighters found the man “trapped inside a train car by materials shifting inside the car, pinning his foot,” a department spokesperson said
  8. Mobile home configuration – inside and out – is critical to understanding how to approach a conflagration and protect surrounding structures
  9. The program would require legislative approval and could include $4,000 bonuses to first responders with bachelor’s degrees
  10. Gadsden Fire Department members said in the original complaint that the city violated overtime pay requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act