1. Jim Morrissey, a tactical paramedic and terrorism preparedness coordinator in California, joins the show to discuss interagency cooperation under extreme circumstances
  2. Columbia Fire Department Captain Kareem Spain and Kiah Thomas were playing a pickup game with some high school students when a teen collapsed
  3. After losing her sister six years ago, EMS1, FireRescue1 Associate Editor Sarah Calams explains how she was able to heal by working closely with the first responder community
  4. Wichita firefighters are worried that putting Engine 6 in reserve, as the city plans to do, would impact the safety of the residents
  5. Firefighters who worked in and around the site of a gas leak sued the Southern California Gas Co. saying the company let them be exposed to toxic chemicals
  6. Most of the California state firefighters who were fired last year because they drank alcohol during a training academy will return to work in 2018
  7. Firefighter Brian Mauder, a 30-year veteran of the Ellisville Fire Department, was transported to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery
  8. Failing to comply with these five AFG funding requirements could cause you to lose your grant or be required to repay it
  9. Eddie Finn is going in alphabetic order and honoring one firefighter who lost their life while responding to 9/11 each day
  10. A portion of a road in Upper Darby was named The Deputy Fire Chief Michael P. Morgan Memorial Highway in honor of the 30-year veteran