1. Search and rescue volunteers from the Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council respond to wilderness misadventures
  2. Former Tarrant Fire Chief Jason Rickels was arrested last month on assault and other charges after allegedly pulling a gun on a realtor and photographer at a property he owned
  3. Rep. Norma Torres, a former LAPD dispatcher, advocate Sarah Weston and public safety training consultant Kim Turner will discuss issues related to the profession
  4. The agreement will allow Meadville Central Fire Department personnel to drive Meadville Area Ambulance Service (MAAS) vehicles from response scenes under certain circumstances
  5. A pedestrian who was hit on the bridge over the Great Miami River admitted to paramedics he made a false report about someone jumping from the bridge into the water
  6. The agencies said they were investigating unusual clots in six women that occurred 6 to 13 days after vaccination
  7. The family of Dominic "Bama" Hunt, who died in a house fire in February, was present at the training as "part of the healing process"
  8. Selinde Roosenburg, 20, died from injuries incurred from a UTV rollover during the prescribed burn at Richland Furnace State Forest
  9. Hundreds defied curfew during the second night of tensions in a Minneapolis suburb
  10. When at a crossroads with the community, digging in is not always the right road if you want the community support in the future