1. A firefighter injured in the crash tried to help free the driver of the other vehicle from the wreckage, officials say
  2. The program that trains teens between the ages of 14 and 17 is accepting new members after a few years of dormancy
  3. Volunteer Firefighter Matt VanOrden, 20, sustained serious injuries after falling into an abandoned well
  4. Not being able to let go puts the new chief in an awkward position
  5. Four simple tests can help you determine if your decisions uphold the badge or dishonor it
  6. Start by developing these three national and local relationships, which are essential to the fire service
  7. Making tough decisions – and pushing for change – is your responsibility, even when it doesn't win you any fans
  8. Compromised firefighter mobility can impact firefighter risk of injury and death
  9. The city firefighters' association asked the public to stay vigilant for suspicious activity
  10. Volunteer Firefighter Amber Alewine died after her SUV struck a tree Sunday morning