1. Police said Luis Guerrero was choked, stabbed, set on fire and run over with an SUV before being set on fire again
  2. Spencer Christiansen and his wife Jessica spent two days underground after becoming trapped in a Darby Canyon Ice cave
  3. Firefighters made headway in preventing the growth of the Mendocino Complex, but officials warned that rising temperatures could create strong fire behavior
  4. The lawsuit claims the firefighters might not have become trapped in a burning house if the closest fire truck able to carry water had been in service that night
  5. The man told firefighters he just got out of prison and thought someone was chasing him with a weapon
  6. The competitive nature of federal government grants may force departments to look to the private sector for funding
  7. By addressing configuration, materials used and ventilation operations, the fire apparatus can avoid contamination by turnout gear
  8. Craigsville Volunteer Fire Department Chief Tracy Martin said the volunteers voted to stop responding to EMS calls because they felt unneeded
  9. Bob Bullard and his partner, Stacy Skaggs, have been holding performance fundraisers once a month and raised thousands of dollars
  10. A cell phone video captures firefighters rescuing a woman who was trapped on the second floor, in the worst part of the fire