1. A Camden County Fire Department ambulance and a truck used for extinguishing brush fires were badly burned, emergency management coordinator Christy Saunders said
  2. Assistant Chief Ronald Spadafora helped lead rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero, and died of toxins he was exposed to
  3. Fire Lt. Deann Eller retired and her partner, Lt. Arthur Dean, "has agreed to discipline for conduct unbecoming of a member of the Akron Fire Department"
  4. "This is just a token of our appreciation and how much we value you and your service to our town," First Selectman Mark Nickerson said
  5. Chief Steve Krentel said his departure is not the result of efforts to oust him, but that the "headaches" at work are making it easier to leave
  6. Steven Shapiro was sentenced to 68 days in jail for fraud, dealing in stolen property, grand theft and illegal use of credit cards
  7. The legislation calls for the creation of an anonymous, voluntary registry for firefighters that includes medical history and career details
  8. Newberry officials were prompted to build an ambulance bay after a child bitten by a rattlesnake had to wait 45 minutes for an EMS crew to arrive
  9. Senate Bill 6145, which took effect in June, gives legal permanent residents the right to apply to be first responders
  10. The Carney Strong Initiative donated packages that included gear-cleaning solution and health supplements to the Goose Creek Fire Department