1. Applying for the Fire Prevention & Safety grant? Don’t miss these important details
  2. Kelsey Sadler was acting in the lieutenant role during the fatal Stricker Street fire that killed two fellow firefighters
  3. Dale Fire & Rescue Firefighter Raymond Samson, a 16-year veteran of the department, will be honored with a memorial service on Saturday
  4. The fires occurred in two clusters, Tacoma officials said, at several homes, an apartment building and detached garages
  5. Texas Firefighter Josh Bardwell details his time working with the Africa Fire Mission in Kenya and how the experience changed his world view
  6. A New Bedford investigation revealed that Deputy Fire Chief Paul Coderre Jr. collected more than $200,000 after "putting on an act" related to on-duty injuries
  7. Bryan Sheppard, who maintains his innocence, spent nearly 20 years in prison for an explosion that killed six Kansas City firefighters
  8. Your job is to make sure that you have put all the pieces in place to address a mayday before, during and after the incident
  9. A reporter being struck during a live news report highlights the danger of working near roadway incidents – one that has proven fatal for many first responders
  10. In the era of essential worker recognition, many firefighters may wonder, “Why aren’t we being treated better? And why isn’t anyone listening to us?”