1. Hundreds of U.S. firefighters are currently deployed or tasked to deploy to assist their Australian counterparts in battling the worst wildfires in the continent’s history
  2. A recent police report found that the Phoenix Fire Department fire truck involved in an April 2019 crash was going at least 20 miles per hour over the speed limit
  3. Police say the suspect waited outside his estranged wife’s home before shooting the other firefighter and then himself
  4. The former deputy fire chief may be retried after an appellate court said pieces of evidence at his original trial were "unsatisfactory"
  5. The explosion that killed Farmington Fire Rescue Capt. Michael Bell in September has revived support for legislation to prevent propane-related disasters
  6. Turning red lights to green can be practical and affordable, if you know what to look for
  7. Video captures how hoseline kinks and piling can hamper water flow and advancement efforts
  8. EMS1 and Fitch & Associates have released the 2020 EMS Trend Report Survey to identify industry challenges and opportunities
  9. The ex-chief admitted to sexually explicit conduct with an underage girl he supervised through a volunteer program and taking photos of her at his workplace
  10. Remembering the three firefighters killed, many others injured, and recognizing the push for continued training and equipment