1. Officials said the firefighter was identified only as a Cal Fire engineer from a San Diego unit
  2. John McLaughlin said he saw a handicapped access ramp attached to the home and went inside to find the woman in the living room surrounded by flames
  3. Bloomington Fire Chief Brian Mohr said that although response times have improved, the increase in medical calls is taxing on the department
  4. Dallas Fire-Rescue Lt. Martin Leos was nearing Mile 9 when he heard people calling for help
  5. Deputy Chief Fire Marshal Sander Cohen and Special Agent Carlos Wolff were both hit by a vehicle when Cohen stopped to help Wolff on the side of the highway
  6. Officials said the Cash Volunteer Fire Department truck flipped over on its side after swerving to avoid a vehicle that pulled in front of it
  7. Two drones were deployed for the first time by the Los Angeles Fire Department while they battled the Skirball fire
  8. Police said off-duty firefighter Horace Shaw III was drunk and speeding when he hit a vehicle carrying Alyssa Pimentel, 18, and her boyfriend
  9. The mission-critical feature allows responders to communicate in situations where networks could become congested
  10. In 2016, 89 firefighters died in the line of the duty, including 23 career firefighters, 56 volunteer and 10 wildland agency members