1. In order to perform their best, firefighters must adhere to NFPA 1582 standards
  2. Tracking the coronavirus-related deaths of U.S. firefighters
  3. Naples Firefighter Anthony “Tony” Christensen, a 22-year veteran of his department, died Tuesday
  4. The city of Watertown seeks to change the requirement that 15 firefighters must be on duty at all times
  5. The outbreak has forced Oakland Park to shut down one station for two days and depend on Fort Lauderdale for help covering shifts
  6. Firefighters must plan the tactical needs for all high-hazard environments in their response area
  7. Understanding the different tool functions, the forces involved, and how it all fits into the overall fireground operation
  8. Three firefighters suffered heat exhaustion and dehydration and one sustained injuries to his back and ankle
  9. Dramatic video shows the moment that a fire at a fireworks warehouse rocks the capital of Lebanon
  10. The firefighter was attending a work-related training event during the altercation with a Black hotel employee that led to police being called