1. Gather stakeholders and resources, capitalize on the holidays and perform a community education blitz after tragedy to stop preventable fire deaths
  2. With $98,807 from FEMA and $9,880 of department money, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue will buy 149 gas monitors that will notify firefighters of harmful gases
  3. The city will spend $225,000 to make the fixes needed to give female firefighters their own facilities at the four stations in Pueblo
  4. Volunteer firefighter Ryan Laubham, 19, was accused of setting fire to two occupied homes and faces arson charges
  5. After a fire crew rescued a family before an explosive crash, a vehicle broke through the barricade of the scene and the passenger brandished a gun
  6. Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Director Ken Pimlott said officials should consider banning home construction in vulnerable areas
  7. Follow NFPA standards and check the overlap of PPE ensemble interfaces to ensure you are protected from contamination and thermal injury
  8. Officials said two of the children were found dead inside the home and three were taken to the hospital where they were pronounced dead
  9. The firefighters were putting out a blaze when they were knocked down the stairs by a flashover explosion
  10. Firefighters rescued three people whose sedan stalled in tidal waters after their GPS took them to the village’s Long Beach, rather than the City of Long Beach