1. French President Emmanuel Macron honored firefighters for the bravery and courage in fighting the fire that nearly devoured Notre Dame Cathedral
  2. Ted Bowers, a firefighter-paramedic in Lebanon, was moving in across the street when he heard the commotion
  3. The system check showed that the church has done all it can do to protect itself from a fire similar to the one that tore through Notre Dame Cathedral
  4. Robert Gala, 26, unsuccessfully argued that his oxycodone addiction was a disability that should have spared him termination after five years on the job
  5. Water officials say they believe the extreme heat of the firestorm created a “toxic cocktail” of gases in burning homes that got sucked into the water pipes when the system depressurized
  6. The suit filed by the family of firefighter Scott Deem alleges he was killed after his Personal Alert Safety Systems, or PASS, device did not sound as intended
  7. Members of the volunteer department continue to sit in their three-year-old fire station off state Route 79 to make sure the county doesn’t try to swoop in and seize the station and the equipment inside
  8. Mayor Sylvester Turner and the fire union remain far apart on how to phase in the raises under Prop B
  9. Weak links negatively impact our ability to properly serve our community as “superior servants”
  10. Key tactics impacted command decisions related to saving iconic bell towers