1. FLIR offers a range of TICs that aid in situational awareness, decision making and enhanced safety
  2. Former Monteagle Fire Chief and Grundy County Deputy Mike Holmes says city officials forced him to resign after his negligent homicide conviction
  3. The EMT has been placed on restricted duty after allegations he padded his overtime sheets to earn pay for unworked hours
  4. Longmont Fire Lt. Mike Burelson was honored by a nonprofit organization for stopping a man holding a lighter at a fire scene
  5. Lincoln Fire and Rescue seeks to add an eighth medic unit to address overwhelming call volumes
  6. A Santa Fe firetruck appeared in the background of a news conference supporting legislation related to worker's compensation for PTSD
  7. Arrests have been made in connection with the fire that killed Porterville Fire Capt. Raymond Figueroa; Firefighter Patrick Jones remains missing
  8. Both current and former volunteer firefighters are now eligible to offset 20% of their real estate tax bill in Southmont Borough
  9. These documentaries are not your typical Hollywood adaptations; they're real, raw and offer a glimpse into the life of everyday firefighters
  10. Columbia Township Firefighter-EMT Brett Wilson had stopped to assist at the crash scene when he was electrocuted by downed power lines