1. Allegations of delays, wrong addresses and and wrong responses make up the 55 complains submitted by the Durham Fire Department and EMS about the city’s 911 center
  2. The paramedic was with a patient at Stroger Hospital when he was grazed by a bullet from a drive-by shooting
  3. The driver of the SUV had just left a bar, according to Fire Chief Keith Milton, and was driving at a high rate of speed, when he hit a large rock near the house, making a "perfect jump"
  4. These 'golden oldies' were my introduction to the non-stop action that is emergency services, and the life I have now
  5. If you recognize more than a few of the following traits in yourself, head over to headquarters and grab an application
  6. These individuals often exhibit an egotistical need to be a "hero" or find themselves bored and lacking social maturity
  7. You are trained to be a fixer of all problems, and that's pretty cool
  8. I believe that managing micro-stressors will prepare me for when I am confronted with a large, high-stress incident at work or home
  9. The individuals assigned to the “truck” have some of the most dangerous jobs at a building fire
  10. What matters most is that we continue to work on ourselves every day – these rules can help us stay on track