1. Chief Lee Laubach said the contribution was invaluable when a fire struck a home filled with about 50 cats and several dogs
  2. Officials said the explosion happened while a tugboat with the barge was pulling in its anchor
  3. Angelo Manuel Diaz went missing for three hours after he walked away from the inmate crew
  4. William VanGilder was aboard a fire truck that lost control, ran off the roadway into a field and then rolled over, causing him to be ejected
  5. A storm dumped rain on the area and authorities said the fire was declared 70 percent contained
  6. Portland's fire code does not apply to food carts like it does to restaurants and other permanent structures
  7. The fires in Northern California serve as a sobering and urgent reminder to longtime hills residents unable to shake the fear that another fire could sweep across Oakland
  8. Unable to open the car, firefighter Carson Couch punched through the window and grabbed the toddler
  9. Kurt Fowler was celebrating nearly two decades of marriage at the Route 91 Harvest festival when gunfire erupted
  10. Bossier City Fire Chief Brad Zagone wants to purchase the vehicle in case of an active shooter situation