1. The Illinois Labor Relations Board upheld a decision that found City Hall didn't respond in time to the union's unfair labor practice accusations
  2. JFRD's Brian McCluney and Norfolk's Justin Walker were last seen leaving the boat ramp Friday in a 24-foot center console boat
  3. Two firefighters were transported to the hospital after sustaining injuries battling a five-alarm apartment fire in Pittsburgh
  4. An Anne Arundel County medic unit was transporting a patient with serious injuries sustained in an earlier vehicle crash
  5. Zachary Fire Chief Danny Kimble said the firefighter was on his way to work, driving his normal route when his personal vehicle struck a tree limb
  6. Researchers are finding that wildfires are too frequent, intense and severe, and are pouring more carbon into the atmosphere
  7. The C-130 Zeus aircraft requires three crew members to operate and can stay in the air for four to five hours depending on the weight and load the aircraft
  8. First responders have cleared the scene where 17 people were injured in a two-vehicle collision between a commercial truck and a Greyhound bus
  9. Officials say one victim was found trapped inside the van and responders used hydraulic rescue cutters and saws to remove them
  10. The dump truck sustained minor damage in a two-vehicle crash involving a Kansas fire truck