1. Federal officials recommended reviewing resources on situational awareness, communication and preparation of personnel and apparatus ahead of the upcoming inauguration
  2. A detailed look at how to properly care for your PPE, with focus on helmets and protective hoods
  3. Following a difficult year, firefighters must continue to focus on helping our fellow members cope
  4. ‘High-priority’ PPE does not always include gear deemed obsolete and/or out of compliance with current standards
  5. Firefighters battled the blaze for several hours as it quickly spread between floors and to neighboring structures
  6. South Fulton Fire Capt. Andrea Hall, a 28-year fire veteran and the president of IAFF Local 3920, said she was "thrilled and humbled" to be selected for the ceremony
  7. FDNY Deputy Chief Paul Hopper said patients suffered injuries consistent with the 50-foot fall from the bridge to an access road below
  8. Fire, EMS, police and 911 departments in Porter County are collaborating to apply for funding for the more efficient alerting system
  9. The raises, originally scheduled to begin this summer, will be delayed for 18 months to put a hold on proposed layoffs as the city faces a $675 million budget shortfall
  10. A building construction analogy underscores how connections make the entire team stronger