1. Responders can gain access to aerial views of the incident, as well as the ability to send real-time pictures and data to different locations
  2. The change has resulted in dispatchers now calling for the closest fire truck to respond to an emergency medical call when no ambulance is available
  3. The collection of 32 antique firefighting vehicles includes a hose cart from 1850, a water tower from 1906 and a 1958 fire engine
  4. Firefighter Jessica LaMer, paramedic Amy Benson and police officer Sylvie Boy wanted to symbolize “what those guys and gals have to carry every day”
  5. The clock ran out on the petitions citizens submitted backing the firefighters push for "parity" with police officers of corresponding rank
  6. The firefighters were hurt when the truck ran over a gas can, which ignited a fire and gutted the vehicle
  7. The Alameda Fire Department contained flames that interrupted a couple’s reception at a historic vineyard mansion
  8. Two firefighters sustained non-life threatening injuries when the front porch of the building collapsed while they were standing on it
  9. NFPA 1851 is being revised, and early proposals would make it more clear how fire departments should clean contaminated PPE
  10. They were found in the back hallway of the home; there was no immediate word on what caused the blaze