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  1. Excellance, Inc. finishes new Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit for Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.
  2. Cleveland Clinic reports how studies from their Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit (MSTU) are dramatically cutting treatment time. Excellance, Inc. manufactured the MSTU and there are currently only 11 units in the world like this one that are active.
  3. Rush University Medical Center discusses their new Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit manufactured by Excellance, Inc.
  4. "I bet in a weeks time I probably save a good 10 to 15 hours or so...Aladtec's really good for us. Anybody that hasn't had a chance to use it, should try it." - Butch Gervais Asst. Fire Chief & Fire Marshal City of Maplewood, MN
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  6. The Cleveland Clinic shows how the Mobile Stroke Unit by Excellance saves brain function and lives.
  7. The Max Fire Box educational package empowers interactive learning of rapid fire and smoke behavior events in a controlled environment. MaxFireBox.Com 217-416-6165
  8. Excellance ambulances are built to a higher standard as proven by this two minute safety video.
  9. This is the tribute to Chief Dallas W. Greene Jr. Of Shreveport, LA that served 47+ years to his community.